in which Paul is angered to his core and forced to type in all caps...

New Rule Protects Health-Care Workers' 'Right of Conscience'

And thank god, because, as a doctor, I have a moral issue with treating African-Americans for sickle cell anemia. Now I no longer have to treat this disease which is so clearly God's punishment for being black.

Dear doctors who don't want to have to practice medicine "in direct opposition to their personal convictions"... Tough shit. Don't be a doctor. Refusing to perform procedures is not a fucking free-speech issue. WITHHOLDING MEDICAL INFORMATION is not a free-speech issue. Perform the job you AGREED TO PERFORM and then go out and protest abortion to your heart's content. Pharmacists: fill the birth control prescription that is fucking LEGAL and then voice your support of the Vatican's stance wherever you please. YOU took the goddamn job and you knew what it entailed. The medical profession is ABSOLUTELY different from all other professions and you do not get to pick and choose which aspects of it are palatable to you.

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Brent Bozell, Media Research Center president, on FOX News...

10/25: Obama went "the entirety of the campaign saying the kind of things that you're saying in the debates, where on, for every question, you've got a redistribution of wealth answer, where you've got socialism, where you've got the government controlling every aspect of life."

11/7: "Obama ran as a Reaganite and won over the fiscal -- the public as a fiscal conservative."

I love the new narrative.

A nice start...

If you're unaware, at midnight on election day, the small village (pop. 75) of Dixville Notch, NH, gathers in a ballroom to cast their ballots, then closes the polls at 12:01.

Tonight's results?
Obama: 15
McCain: 6

First Dem to win there since 1968.

Sure, it's sorta meaningless, but who cares?

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Anyone who might be reading this who was a fan of my former band Radiant City, or who may have known him personally... Robi Lyle, also a former member, is currently in the hospital. He has been in a coma for a week. I won't presume to guess at the prognosis, but please keep him in your thoughts.

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It's been a seriously long couple of months. so... why not be a goof?

I think its inevitable that as we read each other's journals we createmental pictures of each other. Post this on your own journal to findout who your friends see when they read about your life.

Two Rules:
1)The person must be in the movies or on TV (but doesn't have to be an actor/actress). The person can be specific to a role (e.g. Jennifer Elhe's Elizabeth Bennet) or just the person themself.
2) Post a picture!

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