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superactiongo's Journal

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I used to be hypnogun, here on LiveJournal. I'm a musician, an unwilling web designer and a recovering asshole.

My first experience performing music was playing "The Best of Times" at a high school graduation when I was 17.

I was in several bands of varying notoriety after that: the Ice Weasels (you won't have heard of them), the Electric Sheep (them, either), and Radiant City (there's a slight possibility you might have, but it's pretty doubtful).

After that I went solo, releasing two CDs:
Slumberland (M Records) (Amazon | Paul Melancon - Slumberland
Camera Obscura (Daemon Records) (Amazon | Paul Melançon - Camera Obscura)
Both got great reviews and national airplay. I toured for Camera Obscura, opening for the Indigo Girls.

With that touring band I formed my current band, the Arts and Sciences.
We've released one CD:
Hopeful Monsters (Daemon Records) (Amazon | The Arts & Sciences - Hopeful Monsters)
It also got great reviews and national airplay and resulted in another stint touring with the Indigo Girls.

Right now, we're writing and sporadically performing as we try to figure out what path to take now given the current state of the music industry.

I spent 10 years being a complete asshole, some of them right here on LiveJournal. Anyone around me knows the story and anyone else who wants to could find details pretty easily, it's no secret. I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty of testimonials to what an asshole I was, which I'd guess will be about 90% true. At any rate, it was no one's fault but my own.

Currently, my wife zeppo and I are working on something called gardenfantasma.

Our Wii number: 7033 0579 5021 6089

Please enjoy my other self-important internet wanking:
> 43 Things
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> All Consuming

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